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This blog is about both my personal quest for wellness and my desire to help build communities that support healthy people.

First, communities:
Choosing wellness in this frustrating, beautiful, awful, world of ours generally means swimming against the tide.  Bypassing the french fry and going out of your way to find a farmer’s market. Saying “no” to being overscheduled and overstressed, and seek a different way of being. Moving your body instead of sitting at a desk or in the car. Healthy is not the easiest way to be, not the simplest and not the cheapest. You have to want it and have to have the resources for it. That’s. Completely.  Insane. How did we get here, and what can we do to change it? The list of factors in our environment that influence our healthy lifestyle choices is VAST – ranging from portion sizes to prices, the design of our communities, food marketing to farm policy, social norms and the safety of our streets. What can we do to make our communities healthier places to be?

I am involved in a number of initiatives that support access to healthy food and places to be active in our community. I’m fortunate to do work for a local nonprofit on great projects that help create healthier communities, like creating vegetable gardens in preschools, helping child care centers find creative ways to keep kids active, and connecting families with local foods.

And the personal quest for wellness:
I’m always experimenting with what it takes for my body to feel healthy. I do believe the fundamentals are pretty simple, though. Exercise. Sleep. Real food. Connection. Spirituality. But knowing what’s good for me isn’t the same as doing it, so that’s where the challenge lies. I try to cultivate healthy habits, rather than rely on willpower all the time. I want a life that is full of inspiration, empowerment, mindfulness, gratitude and joy. I’m always trying to figure out what path will lead me toward those goals.







  1. Hi Lexie! I’m really inspired by what you’re doing. I’m looking to make a career change and reading your About Me section gave me a kick in the pants. Are you available to chat about your experiences leading up to where you are now? Thanks for reading this!

  2. That is really interesting information thank you for posting it.

  3. Love your blog- that’s why I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Broaden your network with share a bit about yourself with this fun award. Congrats! Details here:

  4. What a great mission! Sounds like you have a dream job!

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